We are makers by nature
But the making process has moved into big factories in faraway countries
We don’t know anymore where, how and by whom our products are made
In large factories people are repetitively executing a tiny step of the making-process
The fun and satisfaction of making is gone
Time to claim the process back!

Woolaloop aims to place the making process of beautiful modern yarnworks back with the individual
Individual makers who will experience joy, satisfaction and relaxation
Making products that mean something
Which are unique
Without any overproduction
Products that you can be proud of

Our yarns are all organic
The wool comes from sheep and alpaca’s in South America and is spun in Italy
All yarns have the GOTS certificate
The animals live in their natural habitat
No bleach or heavy chemicals are used to dye our yarn
No pesticides are involved
The use of water and energy is limited
We don’t use any plastic in our packaging and all paper used is unbleached

Woolaloop is also an attempt to modernize old crafts and keep them alive
To pass skills to the next generation as they are part of our cultural heritage
We have kits for all different levels
The patterns explain the making proces step-by-step 
The instructions are completed with detailed illustrations
Responsible yarnworks, be a maker